Fayetteville, Pa
Marilyn and the Late Stuart Dewease

Renne - Wife
Cole Allen - Son
2 brothers
1 sister

Full-time Driver
Year Started Racing
Favorite Track
Williams Grove
Favorite Restaurant
Longhorn Steakhouse
Favorite Food
Favorite Beverage
Favorite Music Type
Favorite Artist
Phil Collins
Career Highlight
Winning the 2002 Williams Grove National Open after starting 13th
Racing Heros
Doug Wolfgang
Season Goals
To win the Knoxville Nationals and become the first 4-time winner of the Williams Grove National Open
The best advice that you would give to a child is...
Make a dream a reality even if you have to sacrifice!
When people look back at Lance Dewease in 30 years, what will they (would you like them to) say about you?
That success didn't change me at all.

Lance started racing in 1982 at the age of 16 in the Micro Sprint Division.

In 1985 he switched to the Super Sprints, running his own 2D.  He got his first win in 1986 at Hagerstown Speedway.  Since then has had 297 Super Sprint wins which includes 3 URC, 3 – 360 and l ARDC win.  He also has 3 Micro Sprint Wins.  He has won races at 26 different tracks.

In 1991 he drove the famed Weikert #29 at Port Royal – won his heat and also the feature.  He started driving the #461 Brickmobile for Walter Dyer Labor Day Weekend of 1991.  He was in this car 7-1/2 years until Walt retired from full time racing.   As a team they had 132 wins.  He then started driving the #88H for Joe Harz on June 1, 1999 and they had 46 wins in 2-l/2 years.  On October 13, 2001 he started driving the #77 for Al Hamilton.  He was in the #77 until October 23, 2004.  As a team they had 44 win.  He drove Barry Jackson’s #8 for 2004 Hagerstown Octoberfest.  In 2005 he started to drive the #25 for Pete Postupack.  As a team they had 28 wins.  Aug. 30, 2007 started driving the #30C for Don Owens.  As a team they had 35 wins.  Started driving the #27
for Mike Heffner in January 2013. Was out of the #27 at the end of 2013.  They had 3 wins together.  In 2014 started driving the Dietz Motorsports #14.

Lance holds numerous 1 lap, 8 lap, 10 lap and 20 lap track records, both in our area and in Florida.   Included in his total wins are 29 All Star Circuit of Champions and 10 World of Outlaw wins, 4 World of Outlaw II wins and 2 National Sprint Car Tour wins.  


Other Career highlights are as follows:
            Track Championships – Port Royal – 6, Williams Grove – 6 and Lincoln – 1, and
            Selinsgrove – 2
            2011  & 2013 All Star Eastern Div. Champion
            1991 Most Surprising Driver by writers of Racing papers.  One stated whatever he is put in he can
            “On The Dirt Trail” Most Surprising Driver for 1992.
            Nat’l Sprint Car Wild Card Award for exciting Sprint Car Performance in 1992
            1993 Knoxville National Rookie of the Year.
            Arch Club of Hagerstown Most Favorite Sprint Car Driver every year since 1992.
            Numerous awards from various racing clubs.
            1995 East Bay Speedweek Winner in Florida.
1996, 2001 & 2002 Williams Grove National Open Winner – In 1996 was the only non-outlaw regular to  
                  beat them both nights
            Pa. Speedweek Champion 1997, 1999 and 2001.
            1994, 1997,  2000 & 2001 Hagerstown Octoberfest 50 winner
            1999 Lincoln Kenny Weld Memorial Winner
1994, 2001, 2002 & 2006 Port Royal Tuscarora 50 Winner
            1994 Ocala, Fla. Speedweek Champion
            1995, 1996 & 2002 Williams Grove Jack Gunn Memorial Winner
            1995,1997 and 2001 Williams Grove Mitch Smith Memorial Winner
            1994, 1996, 2000 & 2013 Port Royal Labor Day Classic Winner
            1996 Grandview King of Thunder on the Hill
            1998, 1999, 2000 & 2002 Grandview “Thunder On The Hill” Points Leader
            2000 Selinsgrove Kevin Gobrecht Memorial Winner
            2001 Lincoln Daryl Gohn Memorial Winner
            2002 Selinsgrove National Open Winner
            2002 & 2006 Chip Series Champion - Selinsgrove
            2002  & 2011 Williams Grove Diamond Series Champion
                Has been on the cover of “Track Side”,  “Open Wheel”, & “Flat Out”  Magazines
            2003 was inducted into York County Racing Club Hall of Fame.
            2005 Open Wheel Drivers of the Decade – 5th
            2006 & 2007 King of the PA Posse Race at Susquehanna
            2008 Chicken Hawk Hot Lap Award at Lowe’s
            2013 Central Pa 25 best sprint car drivers in last 30 years- 2nd